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Bundesland: Niederösterreich Lower Austria
Bezirk: Lilienfeld  


Sankt Aegyd am Neuwalde

lt: Sankt Egidas prie Noivaldo
ru: Санкт-Эгид-ам-Нойвальде

877 Sankt Aegyd am Neuwalde 035 Sankt Aegyd am Neuwalde Sankt Aegyd am Neuwalde is situated at an elevation of 588 m in the valley of the river Traisen (Untrecht-Traisen) and is a popular summer and winter resort. St. Aegyd received the status of a market town in 1444.

The parish church Sankt ägidius [centre] was built in Gothic style in the 14th century in place of an older church of 1254/71, and was later remodelled in Baroque style. The painting on the high altar was painted by the famous Martin Johann Schmidt (called Kremser Schmidt). In the background, the pictures show the mountain  Hoher Göller (1,766 m).