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Zlínský kraj Zlín region
Okres: Kroměříž  



alt: Svatý Hostýn
de: Hostein, Heiliger Hostein

338 Hostýn 069 Hostýn Hostýn or Svatý Hostýn (735 m) is a hill in the Hostýnské hills. It is a mjor Marian pilgrimage site. The complex includes the Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, hostels for pilgrims and a lookout tower. The earliest mentioning of Hostýn hill as a pilgrimage site dates back to 1625.

The pilgrimage church on top of the Hostýn hill (735 m) was built 1721–1748 in Baroque-Neoromanesque style in place of an older church. The new church was destroyed by a fire in 1769 but was rebuilt two years later. Emperor Joseph II ordered its closure, but it was restored completely in 1845 under Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria. the pilgrimage church received the title of a Basilica minor in 1982.