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Bundesland: Niederösterreich Lower Austria
Bezirk: Mödling  



lt: Hinterbriulis
ru: Хинтербюль

2139 Hinterbrühl 1109 Hinterbrühl The market town Hinterbrühl is situated at an elevation of 254 m in the narrow valley called "Brühl" formed by the Mödlingbach stream in the southern part of the Wienerwald (Vienna Woods). It is a popular day-trip destination and residential area, well-known for its Seegrotte, a grotto in a former gypsum mine that was closed when water filled parts of the caves. The lake in the grotto is the largest subterranean lake in Europe (6,200 m²) and is navigable with motorboats. Between 1945 and 1945, the caves were pumped dry and had to serve as an airplane factory.

1013 Hinterbrühl

The parish church Heiliger Johannes der Täufer (St. John the Baptist) [centre background] was built in 1831 in Classicist style, and was enlarged in 1959/60.