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Bundesland: Oberösterreich Upper Austria
Bezirk: Kirchdorf an der Krems  


Spital am Pyhrn

lt: Špitalis prie Pirno
ru: Шпиталь-ам-Пирн, Шпиталь-ам-Пихрн

1026 Spital am Pyhrn Spital am Pyhrn is situated at an elevation of 640 m at the western foot of the mountain range Haller Mauern (Großer Pyhrgas, 2,244 m) on the old route leading over the Pyhrnpaß from Upper Austria to Styria.

The former Augustinian Canons' collegiate monastery of 1418 was founded as a hospital in 1190. The monastery was closed in 1807. The former collegiate church, now parish church, was rebuilt in 1714–1736 in Baroque style probably by Johann Michael Prunner. The interior decoration includes masterpieces from important Austrian artists: frescoes (1737–40) by Bartolomeo Altomonte, paintings by Martin Johann Schmidt (Kremser Schmidt), the high altar (1769) by Veit Königer. The monastery buildings were built in 1642–1700 and today serve as the parish house.