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Bundesland: Burgenland  
Bezirk: Oberwart  



lt: Pinkafeldas hr: Pinkafelj hu: Pinkafő
ru: Пинкафельд

106 Pinkafeld Pinkafeld is situated at an elevation of 399 m on the river Raab in the district Oberwart. The municipality has a population of about 5,400 (2009).

The earliest mention of Pinkafeld dates back to AD 860. The village obtained the rights of a market town in 1397 and the status of a town in 1937.

The see glass Protestant parish church [centre] was begun in 1783, the tower was completed in 1822 and further enlargements were made in 1877.

The see glass Catholic parish church Sankt Peter und Paul [right, barely visible] was built 1773–1786 by Count Josef Batthyány.