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Vysočina Highlands (Jihlava) region
Okres: Pelhřimov  


Nová Cerekev

de: Neu-Cerekwe, Neu-Zerekwe
ru: Нова-Церекев

1206 Nová Cerekev Nová Cerekev is situated at an elevation of 565 m in the western part of the Vysoěina (Jihlava) region. The historical records on the history of the town are scarce, but it is likely that Nová Cerekev was founded in the late 12th century. It obtained the status of a town in 1543.

The parish church of St. Thomas Becket [left] was built in Baroque style in 1750–1760. Its tower was already part of the earlier, Gothic church which had been built prior to 1384.