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Jihomoravský kraj South Moravia (Brno) region
Okres: Brno-venkov  


Dolní Kounice

de: Kanitz

1314 Dolní Kounice Dolní Kounice is situated at an elevation of 195 m on the river Jihlava in South Moravia. The place was first mentioned in a document of 1034.

The  ruins of the convent church of Our Lady [bottom right foreground] are the only remains of the monumental gothic convent 'Rosa Coeli' ('Heavenly Rose') of the Premonstratensian nuns. The convent was founded in 1121. After a large fire in 1703 it was closed and fell into dereliction.

The pilgrimage chapel of St. Anthony of Padua [top right, barely visible], located on a hill above the left bank of the Jihlava river, was built in 1757.

Dolní Kounice is also well-known for its old synagogue, which was built in 1652. It is one of the oldest of its kind in Moravia.