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Bundesland: Tirol Tyrol
Bezirk: Lienz  



lv: Līenca lt: Liencas
el: Λίεντς
bg, ru: Лиенц mk, sr: Лијенц be, uk: Ліенц

140 Lienz 1096 Lienz Lienz, the administrative centre of East Tyrol, is situated at the confluence of the rivers Isel and Drau. The place had already been inhabited by the Illyrians. The first mention in a written document as Luenzina dates from about 1022–1039. In 1252, it received the status of a town. From that time until 1500 it was in possession of the Counts of Görz (now Gorizia, Italy) who since 1253 also were Counts of Tyrol. In 1258, the countries of the Counts of Görz and Tyrol were divided and Lienz remained with the line of Görz. After the death in 1500 of the last count, Leonhard of Görz, Lienz became part of the Habsburg countries as part of the County of Tyrol.
1994 Lienz

1203 Lienz 738 Lienz

The castle Schloss Bruck was first mentioned in a document in 1277 and was built by the Counts of Görz as their residence. During the 16th and 18th centuries it was enlarged. The chapel of the castle contains frescos of 1490–1496.