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Bundesland: Baden-Württemberg  
Regierungsbezirk: Karlsruhe  
Landkreis: Freudenstadt  



uk: Баїрсбронн ru: Байрсброн mk, sr: Бајерсброн

Baiersbronn is situated at an elevation of 584 m in the Black Forest region of Germany's state of Baden-Württemberg, about 5 km northwest of Freudenstadt. The municipality has a total populaton of about 14,700 (2015) and consists of the municipal districts Bairsbronn-Dorf (with Friedrichstal), Huzenbach, Klosterreichenbach (with Reichenbacher Höfe and Heselbach), Mitteltal, Obertal (with Buhlbach), Röt-Schönegründ, Tonbach and Schwarzenberg (with Schönmünzach and Schönmünz).

Baiersbronn was first mentioned in 1292 and since 1320 belonged to Württemberg. The opening in 1901 of the Murg valley railroad (Murgtalbahn) initiated a period economic growth. Since then, Baiersbronn also became a popular climatic spa and winter resort. Röt-Schönegründ was incorporated into the municipality of Baiersbronn in 1971, Huzenbach, which until 1818 was part of Schwarzenberg, as well as Klosterreichenbach (with Reichenbacher Höfe and Heselbach) and Schwarzenberg (with Schönmünzach) were incorporated into Baiersbronn in 1974.
1489 Baiersbronn: Schönmünzach


Schönmünzach is situated at an elevation of 450 m at the mouth of the Schönmünz stream into the river Murg in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) region of Baden-Württemberg. The place became popular as a climatic spa in the late 19th century. In 1953 the official status as a climatic spa (Luftkurort) was awarded to Schönmünzach and nearby Schwarzenberg. Schönmünzach is part of the municipality of Baiersbronn.
3547 Baiersbronn: Huzenbach 3090 Baiersbronn: Huzenbach, Schwarzenberg


Huzenbach [left, no. 3547, and right, no. 3090] was first mentioned in 1289 when Palsgrave Ludwig of Tübingen donated the village to the monastery of Reichenbach. Until 1810/1818 Huzenbach belonged to the domains of Schwarzenberg. Huzenbach was incorporated into Baiersbronn in 1974.


Schwarzenberg [right, no. 3090: bottom left inset] was first mentioned in 1085 in connection with the foundation of the monastery of Reichenbach. The glassworks of Schwarzenberg, founded in 1773, were the origin of the municipal district of Schönmünzach (see above) and operated until the 20th century.