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Bundesland: Brandenburg  
Landkreis: Märkisch-Oderland  



pl: Wrzecień
ru, sr: Врицен

1505 Wriezen Wriezen is situated at an elevation of 4 m in the Oderbruch region of eastern Brandenburg. The village Wrezene was first mentioned in a document of 1247. Wriezen was chartered as a town in 1337. In 1945 the old town was almost completely destroyed.

The Marienkirche (church of Our Lady) [background left] was built in late Gothic style during the second half of the 15th and the first quarter of the 16th century. Parts of the construction already had been part of the previous church, a church dedicated to St. Nicholas, which had been mentioned first in 1295. The spire was constructed in 1778. Since 1945 the church is in ruins.