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regija: Podravska  


Lovrenc na Pohorju

prev.: Sveti Lovrenc na Pohorju, Sveti Lovrenc pri Mariboru
de: Sankt Lorenzen am Bachern, Sankt Lorenzen ob Marburg
sr: Ловренц на Похорју

1617 Lovrenc na Pohorju Lovrenc na Pohorju is situated at an elevation of 430 m at the northern slopes of the Pohorje mountains (German: Bachern, Bachergebirge). In 1091 the place came in possession of the monastery of Sankt Paul im Lavanttal. The parish church of St. Lawrence was first mentioned in 1184. Sveti Lovrenc (German: Sankt Lorenzen) obtained the status of a market town in 1222.