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Bundesland: Niederösterreich Lower Austria
Bezirk: Horn  



lt: Altenburgas
ru: Альтенбург

1859 Altenburg Altenburg is situated at an elevation of 388 m above the Kamp valley southwest of the district town Horn.

Altenburg is best-known for its Benedictine monastery (Stift Altenburg) [left]. The monstery was founded in 1144. Parts of the medieval constructrions have been excavated. The original Romanesque church was changed to Gothic stylein 1265 and then renovated in Baroque style in 1730–1733 by Josef Munggenast. The frescos were painted by Paul Troger in 1732/1733, the altarpieces were made by P. Troger (1734) and Johann Georg Schmidt ("Wiener Schmidt") (1735). The most notable parts of the monastery buildings are the "Kaiserstiege" (Imperial staircase) with frescos by P. Troger, the "Marmortrakt" (marble wing) a.k.a. "Kaisertrakt" (Imperial wing) with six splendidly decorated halls, the library with frescos by Troger, as well as the crypt with its memento mori frescos of the 18th century. The monastery was closed between 1940 and 1947 and was severely damaged during the war and the post-war Soviet occupation period. Thereafter it was gradually renovated until 1962. During summer Stift Altenburg is used as location for several cultural events (Altenburger Sängerknaben, Summer Theatre, Chamber Music Festival).


Other places of the same name that are depicted on glasses in this collection are: Altenburg (Thuringia, Germany) and Bad Deutsch-Altenburg (Lower Austria).