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région: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes  
département: 01, Ain  



ru: Мижу uk: Міжу

2096 Mijoux Mijoux is situated at an elevation of 1,418 m in the Valserine valley at the foot of the col de la Faucille in the Jura mountains in the extreme northeast of the département Ain, only a few kilometers away from the Swiss border. Mijoux is the main village of the Monts Jura ski-region which was created in 1999. The winter sports resort has a population of 316 residents (1999).

Since 1334 the community belonged to Gex and Saint-Claude. A hospital was founded in the 14th century and operated until 1780. The municipality of Mijoux was created in 1910 when it separated from the municipality of Gex.