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województwo: Zachodniopomorskie voivodship: West Pomerania
powiat: Choszczno county: Choszczno



lv: Reča de: Reetz
ru, uk: Реч

Recz (German name: Reetz) is situated at an elevation of 95 m on the left bank of the Iną river in the Choszczno county of West Pomerania.The city has a population of about 3,000 (2004).

2952 Recz In 1294 Cistercian nuns built a monastery on the remains of a former Slavic stronghold next to the, originally Slavic, village of Kietz (which remained a separate community until 1938 when it was incoporated into Reetz). German settlers founded another village, Reetz, which in 1296 was mentioned as a town. In 1369 the family von Wedell obtained Reetz as a pawn (later fief) from the Electors of Brandenburg and remained in possession of the domains until 1810. During the Reformation, the Cistercian nunnery was secularized and became a domain of the Electorate. After the administrative reform in the kingdom of Prussia, Reetz became part of the district Arnswalde (today Choszczno) in the Prussian province Brandenburg ("N. M." on glass no. 2952 [left] refers to the Neumark, one of the two regions that made up the Margraviate of Brandenburg). After World War II, Reetz became part of Poland and was renamed Rzeczyca, which later was changed to Recz Pomorski. In course of time, the identifier 'Pomorski' (Pomeranian) fell out of use.


The picture on glass no. 2952 [left] is labeled "Denkmal für die im Weltkrieg gefallenen", monument for the soldiers killed in the World War (1914–1918).

2221 Recz  

The town church of St. Catherine [near left, no. 2221: background right] was built in 1340–1355.