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Ústecký kraj Ústí nad Labem region
Okres: Děčín  


Pravčická brána

pl: Brama Pravčická de: Prebischtor
ru: Правчицкие ворота

2268 Pravčická brána The Pravčická brána (in German: Prebischtor) is one of the most spectacular natural sights in the České Švýcarsko (Bohemian Switzerland) region in the Děčín district of northern Bohemia, located about 3 km northeast of Hřensko.

The sandstone archway has a width of 26.5 metres and a height of 16 metres. The arch itself has a maximum width of 8 metres and is 3 metres thick. At these dimensions it is the largest natural stone archway in Europe.

The restaurant and hotel Falkenhorst (Sokolí Hnízdo) (Falcon's Nest) [left] was built in 1881 by Prince Edmund Clary-Aldringen in place of an older country inn that had been built in 1826.

Because the large numbers of tourists began to endanger the stability of the archway, stepping onto the bridge has been prohibited in 1982.

Another popular tourist attraction in the České Švýcarsko (Bohemian Switzerland) region is the Edmundova soutěska (Edmundsklamm).

2973 Sächsische Schweiz 2973 Sächsische Schweiz 2973 Sächsische Schweiz Glass no. 2973, labeled as a souvenir from the Sächsische Schweiz ('Saxon Switzerland' region in Saxony, Germany), shows a view of Pravčická brána (Prebischtor in German) [bottom left] and Edmundova soutěska (Edmundsklamm) [bottom right] as well as of Bastei-Brücke [top left] and Kuhstall [top right] in Germany.