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Bundesland: Niederösterreich Lower Austria
Bezirk: Neunkirchen  


Raach am Hochgebirge

lt: Rachas
ru: Рах-ам-Хохгебирге

2336 Raach am Hochgebirge Raach am Hochgebirge is situated at an elevation of 813 m in the northwest of the Bucklige Welt mountain region of southeastern Lower Austria. According to the census of 2001 Raach has a population of 304.

The earliest written mention of Raach (Rai) dates from 1170. The name 'Rai' is presumably of Slavic origin and can mean either 'paradise' or 'rough', 'high' or 'near the mountains'. This is believed to be the origin of the attribute 'am Hochgebirge' ('near the high mountains'). In the 14th century Raach was a vicariat of the parish of Neunkirchen. Soon after 1570 Raach became an independent parish under the patronage of the lords of Wartenstein.

The parish church Sankt Ägidius [backgroiund centre] goes back to the 14th century. The left nave is the oldest part of the church. The right apse, previously a Lady chapel, was built around 1370. The left apse and the right nave were erected soon after 1500. After a fire in 1706 the church was reconstructed. After a storm in 1764 the vaulting of both naves had to be rebuilt. A the same time the mansard roof of the tower was added. Between 1877 and 1880 the interior of the church was redecorated in Gothic revival style.