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województwo: Zachodniopomorskie voivodship: West Pomerania
powiat: Gryfice county: Gryfice



prev.: Rybaki
de: Fischerkathen

0000 Pogorzelica Pogorzelica is situated at the Baltic Sea coast of West Pomerania in the district Gryfice. It is part of the gmina (municipality) Rewal. Pogorzelica has a population of about 130 (2010).

Before 1945, the sea-side village Fischerkathen was part of Germany. Following World War II the native German population was expelled. As part of Poland, the village was at first renamed Rybaki in 1945; in 1947 it received its current name, Pogorzelica. Already known as a Baltic Sea resort during the German empire, Pogorzelica is still popular as a summer bathing place.

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