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Bundesland: Steiermark Styria
Bezirk: Weiz  



lt: Angeris
ru: Ангер

321 Anger The first mentioning of Anger is found in a document of 1364. In 1389 it the first time that it was refered to as a market town. When a large fire destroyed not only large parts of the town but also destroyed most of the old documents, the privileges of Anger were confirmed in 1458 by Emperor Friedrich III.

The parish church Sankt Andreas was built in 1708-1711 in order to enlarge the original, Romanesque church of 1161. The lower part of the east tower was the chancel of the original church. The new church was erected in the north-south axis of the previous edifice. In 1938 frescos dating from the mid 15th century were discovered in the tower chapel.

The castles Waxenegg originated in the 13th century and were enlarged in 1556. Originally, the upper castle [centre top] was used as a stronghold, while the lower castle was the residence. The residence was moved to the upper castle in 1571. Both castles are ruins today.