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Bundesland: Freistaat Sachsen Saxon
Landkreis: Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge  



uk: Ратманнсдорф mk, ru, sr: Ратмансдорф

3450 Rathmannsdorf Rathmannsdorf is situated at an altitude of 224 m on the right bank of the Elbe river just downstream of Bad Schandau. The municipality has a population of about 900 (2016).

The first written mention of Rademsdorff is found in a document dating from 1445. At the time of its foundation it was part of the domain Wildenstein, which in 1451 was sold to the Electors of Saxony.

The village Wendischfähre [left: centre] was first mentioned in 1443 as zcur windischen fehre. It originated as a village of fishermen and ferry men (German Fähre = ferry). At least since 1539 it was part of the parish of Schandau. In 1838 it obtained the status of an independent rural municipality. The village grew rapidy after the construction in 1877 of the Carola bridge (see below). In 1937 Wendischfähre was incorporated into the municipality of Rathmannsdorf.

The Carola bridge [left: foreground] was built in 1874–1877 as part of the railroad BautzenBad Schandau. Originally, the bridge had two separate superstructures, one for the railway and one for street traffic (as shown on glass no. 3450 [left]. After the construction of a new road bridge in 1977, the old road bridge was dismantled in 19800 and in the superstructure of the railroad bridge was rebuilt until 1990. was incorporated into the municipality of Rathmannsdorf in 1937.

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