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bg: Норвикен

3656 Norrviken Norrviken is a locality on the eastern side of the island of Vätö, about 90 km northeast of Stockholm and about 2 km northeast of the islands main town, Harg. Together with the entire Norrviken island it is part of the Norrtälje kommun (municipality).

Vätö island in part of the the Norrtälje archipelago, about 10 km east of the town of Norrtälje. It has a roughly triangular shape, with a length of 9  north to south and up to 4 km east to west. The island has a permanent population of around 1,200 people who live in a number of small villages and individual homesteads. The largest of the villages is Harg, situated at Vätö's centre. Vätö's red granite is renowned as a building material. It was extensively quarried from the late 19th century to provide stone for a number of monuments, including the Stockholm Opera House and the Riksdag building. The last of the old quarries was shut down in the 1970s. Limited quarrying resumed in the 1980s in Vätö Stenhuggeri quarry, which was first opened in 1905 and can be visited by tourists. Another quarry, Vätöberg, has been designated as a national monument.