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Bundesland: Hessen Hesse
Regierungsbezirk: Darmstadt  
Kreis: Darmstadt-Dieburg  



uk: Альсбах-Генляйн ru: Альсбах-Хенлайн sr: Алсбах-Хенлајн

Alsbach-Hähnlein is situated at an elevation of 92 m in the Bergstraße region in the southwest of Germany's state of Hesse. The municipality was formed on 1 January 1977 by merging the formerly independent municipalities of Alsbach and Hähnlein. At first, the new municipality was given the name Alsbach, which, however, was changed to Alsbach-Hähnlein on 1 January 1978. Alsbach-Hähnlein has a population of about 9,100 (2018).

3663 Alsbach-Hähnlein


Altdorfesbach was first mention in AD 799 in the Lorsch Codex. A document of 795 mentions it as being administered from Heppenheim. From 1783 to 1820 it was part of the district Zwingenberg and Jägersburg, 1820–1821 district Zwingenberg, 1821–1832 district Bensheim, 1832–1848 district Bergstraße, 1848–1842 district Dieburg, 1852‐1938 district Bensheim, 1938–1977 district Darmstadt, and since 1977 district Darmstadt-Dieburg.

The picture on glass no. 3663 [left] shows a view of the Erholungsheim (Convalescent home).

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