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Bundesland: Salzburg  
Bezirk: Zell am See  


Zell am See

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lt: Celis prie ežero
bg: Цел-ам-Зее ru: Целль-ам-Зее

368 Zell am See 1221 Zell am See Zell am See is situated at an elevation of 757 m on the west bank of the lake Zeller See. According to the legend it was founded by St. Vitalis. Vitalis was abbot of the monastery of St. Peter in Salzburg and from AD 716 bishop of the diocese, possibly as the direct successor of the first bishop, St. Rupert. The first mention in a document (as Bisonzio) dates from prior to AD 788. Between 1287 and 1810 the name of the place was Zell im Pinzgau. It obtained the status of a town in 1928. Zell am See is the administrative centre of the district of the same name, which since 1228 is also known as Pinzgau.

2395 Zell am See