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Jihomoravský kraj South Moravia (Brno) region
Okres: Blansko  



de: Boskowitz
bg, ru, sr: Босковице

3705 Boskovice Boskovice is situated at an elevation of 381 m on the Bělá river in the South Moravia region, about 32 km north of the region's capital, Brno, and about 15 km north of the district town, Blansko. The municipality has a population of about 11,600 (2019).

The oldest written sources mentioning the place date from 1213. A stronghold on a hill with a settlement below it were mentioned in 1222 as a possession of the lords of Boskovice (Boskowitz). The stronghold was destroyed in 1312; near its place a new castle was founded in 1398. Around that time, Boskovice was elevated to a town. The late 15th century was a flourishing period for Boskovice. From 1687 und 1854 the domains were in possession of the princes Dietrichstein and thereafter belonged to the barons Mensdorff-Pouilly.

The parish church of St. James [left, no. 3705: background left] goes back to a Gothic church of the 14th century that was rebuilt around 1500 in late Gothic style and again around 1670 in Baroque style. Following a large fire in 1772 that severely damaged the construction, the church was rebuilt in 1845–1848 in neo-Gothic style.