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Trnavský kraj Trnava region
okres: Senica  



de: Senitz hu: Szenice, Szenicz
bg, ru: Сеница uk: Сениця be: Сеніца, Сэніца mk, sr: Сењица

3709 Senica Senica is situated at an elevation of 208 m on the river Teplica shortly before its confluence with the river Myjava. Senica is the largest town in the homonyous district and has a population of about 20,300 (2018)

Senica's history is closely related with the Branč castle, built in 1251–1261. Senica was first mentioned in 1256 and received its privileges as a town in 1396, confirmed in 1463 and 1492. The city was affected by Turkish wars, anti-Habsburg uprisings and reformation and counter-reformations in the 17th century. In 1746, it became seat of the district within the Nitra county. The district today is part of the Trnava region, established in 1996.

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