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Plzeňský kraj Plzeň region
Okres: Plzenň-jih  



de: Lettin
ru: Летины

3382 Lettin 517 Lettin Letiny is situated at an elevation of 470 m in the valley of the creek Podhrázský potok at the western foot of the Jezevčí skála (German: Dachsfelsen) rock formation in the district Plzeň-jih (Pilsen South) in western Bohemia. Letiny has a population of about 700 (2017).

Letin was first mentioned in a written document 1243. At least since 1410 it had an own parish church. The beginning of Letiny as a health resort dates back to at least 1766 when a spring with iron-containing waters was discovered and a former hunting-lodge was converted into the first bath house.

The new  main spa building [left, no. 3382, and right, no. 517] was built in 1901.

The spa closed after 1945 and the spa complex then was used as a convalescence facility for the Škoda factories from Plzeň. Since the 1980s, the facilities are affiliated to the Psychiatric Hospital Dobřany.

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