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Bundesland: Oberösterreich Upper Austria
Bezirk: Gmunden  



lt: Obertraunas
ru: Обертраун

556 Obertraun Obertraun is situated at an elevation of 511 m at the mouth of the river Traun (Koppentraun) into the lake Hallstättersee (see Hallstatt). It is a popular resort for summer and winter tourism.

A cable-railway takes tourists from Obertraun to the Schönbergalm at an elevation of 1338 m on the on the northern edge of the Dachstein massif with the entrance to the Dachstein caves. The Rieseneishöhle (giant ice cave) has a length of 2000 m and is famous for its fabulous ice formations (electrical light since 1928). The Mammuthöhle (mammoth cave) has a total length of 48 km and a depth of 1180 m. It is one of the largest stalactite caverns of Europe. The caves were explored scientifically for the first time in 1909/10 and were then made accessible for tourists. Since 1928 they have the status of a natural monument.