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Olomoucký kraj Olomouc region
Okres: Olomouc  



de: Sternberg, Mährisch-Sternberg pl: Szternberk

705 Šternberk 920 Šternberk The castle Šternberk was first mentioned in a document of 1269 (as castrum Sternberch), while the town was first mentioned in 1296 (as civitas Sternberch). The castle was built 1253–1262 by the Bohemian nobleman Zdeslav of Chlumec who later called himself Zdeslav of Šternberk. The castle was enlarged in the second half of the 14th century by Albert II of Šternberk. His family owned the castle until 1409. Šternberk was conquered in 1430 by the Hussite army and remained occupied until 1432. After a large fire in 1538 the castle was rebuilt in Renaissance style. In 1695 it was bought and rebuilt by Prince Johann Adam Andreas of Liechtenstein (who also bought the domains Vaduz in 1699 and Schellenberg in 1711, which under his successor Prince Anton Florian was elevated in 1719 to the sovereign Principality of Liechtenstein). The last alterations of the castle were carried out for Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein 1886–1913. The family remained in possession of the castle until the end of World War II.

1780 Šternberk