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Bundesland: Freistaat Sachsen Saxony
Landkreis: Zwickau  



ru: Меране

940 Meerane Meerane is situated at an elevation of 240 m in West Saxony close to the border to Thuringia. The first mention of Meerane in a document dates back to 1174. The origin and meaning of the name is unknown; documented versions include Mer (1174), Mare (1320), Mehir (1419–37), Mera (1497), Mehre (1530) and Mehrann (1535).

The church Sankt Martin [center] was already mentioned in 1314. After large fires in 1503 and 1698 the church was rebuilt. The tower dates from 1717. The church was enlarged in 1825 and 1883. Parts of the Romanesque original church are preserved in the tower. The Gothic chancel of 1503 contains a folding altar created around 1500. The organ was built in 1609 by Johann Lauterbach from Eisleben. 1124 Meerane

The picture on glass no. 1124 [near left] shows further views from Meerane: Neumarkt (New Market) [bottom left], and Augustusstraße [bottom right]. The top picture shows a building labelled Ferienkolonieheim (holiday colony home).