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Bundesland: Steiermark Styria
Bezirk: Liezen  



lt: Oblarnas
ru: Эбларн

973 Öblarn Öblarn is situated at an elevation of 668 m in the valley of the river Enns. The first mentioning in a document dates back to 1263.

The parish church Sankt Andreas [bottom left] was erected in 1727–1729 in place of an older church of the mid 15th century. The high altar of 1755 holds 4 wooden statues by the sculptor Joseph Thaddäus Stammel. Öblarn became an independent parish in 1786; before that it belonged to the parish Gröbming. The church is incorporated to the monastery of Admont.

Öblarn is the birthplace of the important Styrian writer Paula GROGGER (1892–1984). She became famous for her novels and books which play in the traditional catholic agricultural world. Her most famous book is “Das Grimmingtor” (1926). Her house in Öblarn was converted into a museum.

The mountain Grimming [background] (2,351 m) dominates the upper Enns valley. The rocky south side of the mountain bears a recess of 50 m height, which looks like a large gate (the Grimmingtor). 973 Öblarn