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lv: Zadara lt: Zadaras it, sq: Zara hu: Zára
el: Ζαντάρ
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3283 Zadar Zadar is one of the oldest historical and cultural centres on the Dalmatian coast. The first oldest traces of settlements date from about the 9th century, BC, the first written evidences were left in the 4th century BC by the Liburnian tribe. After the Roman conquest the place developed into a town. Jadera, later called Diadora, became the capital of Dalmatia in the early 7th century. Until 998 the town remained with the eastern Roman empire. Thereafter, the town was ruled by Venetian and Hungarian rulers. In 1409 Venice finally purchased Zadar (Zara in Italian) for a sum of 100,000 ducats. In 1806 the town came in possession of Austria. Except during the French period (1809–1813) Austria ruled until the end of World War I in 1918. In 1920 Zara became part of Italy. During World War II the town suffered heavy bombings. In 1945, Zadar became part of Yugoslavia. Between 1991 and 1995 the town suffered again during the combats between the Croatian and Serb forces. Today, Zadar is the capital city of the Zadarska županija (Zadar county) and has a population of about 44,000.

Glass no. 3283 [left] show a view of Riva nuova (New Embankment), today Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV, named for King Peter Krešimir IV, called 'the Great' (Croatian: kralj Petar Krešimir IV Veliki), who was King of Croatia and Dalmatia from 1059 until his death in 1074/75.
[Note that the Italian labeling of the picture contains a spelling error: Riva nuovo instead of Riva nuova.]

1404 Zadar The cathedral of St. Anastasia (Katedrala sv. Stošije) goes back to the 5th and 9th century. The present, Romanesque, church mainly dates from the beginning of the 13th century. Several floor mosaics date from the 5th century. The church received the status of a Basilica minor in 1867.

(see also list of other basilicae minores depicted on glasses of this collection)

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