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Baños de Montemayor

uk: Баньйос-де-Монтемайор ru: Баньос-де-Монтемайор

2765 Baños de Montemayor Baños de Montemayor is situated at an elevation of 700 m in the Valle del Ambroz in the very north of the provice of Cáceres (autonomous community Extremadura), bordering the pronvice of Salamanca (autonomous community Castilla y León). Baños de Montemayor has a population of 766 (2012) and is known for its thermal baths of Roman origin.

Historically, the town was part of the community of Villa y Tierra de Béjar since the time of the Reconquista. A the end of the Old Regime the town was constituted as a municipality under the name Baños. In 1834 it was integrated into the judicial district of Granadilla. The suffix de Montemayor was officially introduced in the 1990s. Despite being a very small community, Baños had two churches since the town belonged to two different dioceses: the diocese of Placensia and that of Coria. The street Via de la Plata marks the limit of the two ecclesiastical partitions. The church belongig to the diocese of Coria, Santa Maria, is also the present parsh church, while the church of Santa Catalina, once belonging to diocese of Plasencia, today is used as 'cultural auditorium' (auditorio cultural). 2765 Baños de Montemayor (detail)

The spa building (balneario) [left] was built in the 19th century over a thermal spring that already was utilised in the Roman period. The grid on top of the entrance gate bears the date "1884". The building is listed as site of cultural interest (Bien de Interés Cultural).

Gaspar Flores, soldier in the guard of the 5th Viceroy of Peru, Francisco Álvarez de Toledo, and father of Isabel Flores de Oliva (1586–1617), better known as Santa Rosa de Lima, the first saint of America, Patroness of Lima and Peru, the New World ("of the Americas") and the Philippines (among others), was born in Baños de Montemayor.

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