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județ Caraș-Severin Caraș-Severin County



hu: Stájerlakanina de: Steierdorf
ru, sr: Анина uk: Аніна

3778 Anina: Stajerlak Anina is situated at an elevation of 600 m in the Banat Mountains in the district Caraș-Severin of western Romania. The municipality has a population of about 7,500ยด(2011).

3075 Anina: Stajerlak The village Steierdorf was founded in 1773 when when woodcutters and charcoal burners settled here, coming predominantly from the duchy of Styria (German Steiermark), Austria. The charcoal burners were needed to meet the demands of the factories of Oravița and Ciclova. In 1790, coal was discovered, and only two years later, in 1792, coal mining started. The first ironworks in Steierdorf were founded in 1858. The village of Anina was founded in 1860; its name comes from the German name, Erlental ('alder tree valley', 'alder' in Romanian being 'anin'). In 1952, Steierdorf was incorporated into Anina, which since then has the status of a town (oraș). The Anina – Oravița railway was built in 1863, it is still in use today for touristic purposes. The Anina mines were closed in 2006.

The building shown on the picture on glass no. 3075 [left] is not labeled here, but on old postcards is referred to as Stájerlak nyaralói restauráció (in Hungarian) or Steierdorf Sommerfrische Restauration (in German), i.e. ‘Anina summer resort restaurant’.

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