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Mondariz-Balneario is situated at an elevation of 272 m about 6 km south of Mondariz in the province of Pontevedra. With a population of 678 (2011) it has the distinction of being the smallest municipality in Galicia, and one of the smallest in Spain.

3288 Mondariz-Balneario Following a Royal decree, establishing the Pontevedra municipalities, the locality was included in the parish of Mondariz. It became a separate parish in 1904 under the name Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Troncoso, but it remained dependent on Mondariz. On 30 November 1924, when the parish was renamed Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, it became an independent municipality with the current name Mondariz-Balneario. On 17 April 1925 it received the title “Muy Hospitalaria Villa” (‘very hospitable village’) from King Alfonso XIII.

The Fuente da Gándara was discovered in 1872 and gave birth to the spa. One year later the spring was declared a public utility. The pavillon depicted on glass no. 3288 [left] was opened in 1908.

3100 Mondariz-Balneario  

The former Grand Hotel, labeled Establecimiento de Aguas on glass no. 3100 [left], was built in 1898 by Genaro de la Fuente. Over time, further buildings, such as a greenhouse and a chapel, were added to the site. After the Civil War in Spain, the spa went into decline and in 1973 a fire left the building in ruins. In 2005, the old hotel was renovated as a luxury appartment complex.

3124 Mondariz-Balneario  

The Capilla Nuestra Señora del Carmen [near left, no. 3124] was built in 1898.

0000 Mondariz-Balneario  

The Puente de Cernadela [near left, no. 3610] spans the Tea river at the place called 'O Ceo' in Cernadela in the Riofrio parish of Mondariz. A bridge at this site was already built during Roman times. The present bridge is mainly a design of the 15th century with restorations from the 17th and 18th centuries.

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