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de: Leck lt: Lekas lv: Leko
be: Лека bg, sr: Леко ru, uk: Лекко

3171 Lecco Lecco is situated at an elevation of 214 m at the end of the southeastern branch of Lago di Como (Lago di Lecco), about 36 km east of Como and 50 km north of Milan. Since 2015, Lecco is the capital of the province (provincia) of the same name; the municipality has a population of about 47,800 (2015).

Archaeological finds demonstrate the presence of Celtic settlement in the area before the arrival of the Romans. The latter built a castrum here and made it an important road hub. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Lombards captured the town in the 6th century; they were followed by the Franks, who made Lecco the seat of a countship and, later, of a frontier Mark. Emperor Otto I spent a long time in Lecco, quenching the 964 revolt against the Holy Roman Empire led by Lecco. Later it became a possession of the Milanese monastery of St. Ambrose. Konrad II also stayed in Lecco, in the attempt to free it from the church, but as the result of the ensuing wars the city was subjected by Milan. It subsequently followed the history of the Duchy of Milan and of Lombardy. The Province of Lecco was established on 6 March 1992 by separating it from the povince of Como.

Glass no. 3171 [left] shows a view of Piazza XX Settembre, named for the date (20 September 1870) when the Bersaglieri corps entered Rome through Porta Pia and completed the unification of Italy, ending de facto the temporal power of popes over the Papal States. Two weeks later, the capital of the unified Kingdom of Italy was moved rom Florence to Rome.
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