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Băile Felix

de: Felixbad hu: Félixfürdő
ru: Бэиле-Феликс

Băile Felix is situated at an elevation of 140 m in north-west Romania close to the county town Oradea. The many oligothermal and thermal (20–49 °C) mineral springs with radioactive, sulphurated, calcic, sodic and bicarbonated waters have been known for centuries and are used for the treatment of inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases, central and peripheral neurological disorders, post-traumatic conditions, gynecological diseases and endocrinological disorders.

489 Băile Felix

The picture on glass no. 489 [left] is labeled Hőforrás (hot spring) [centre right]. The picture shows the waters of the hot spring (49°C) flowing down an artificial rock. The tower-like building to the left of the spring is topped by a steep cylindrical roof and the small building behind it (in the picture on the right) seems to be hould the tapping of the spring. Pictures found on old post-cards show that these were constructed before 1901 and still existed in 1924. At some time later, but before 1935, the cylindrical roof of the tower was replaced by pinnacles and the springhouse also was removed, just leaving a wall behind the spring, also topped with pinnacles.

3207 Băile Felix
The picture on glass no. 3207 [near left] shows Hotel Viktor, built in 1892. The labeling of the glass is in Hungarian (almost illegible): Viktor szálloda / Féliksz Fürdöi Emlék ('Hotel Viktor / souvenir from Félixfürdő').

340 Băile Felix
The picture on glass no. 340 [left] shows Hotel Splendid, built before 1928.

4388 Băile Felix
The picture on glass no. 4388 [near left] is labeled in Hungarian Halas-tó ('fish pond').

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