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Tui is situated at an elevation of 44 m on the right bank of the river Miño (Portuguese: Minho), facing the Portuguese town of Valença. The municipality has a population of about 16,900 (2017). The municipality consists of the parishes Areas, Baldráns, Caldelas de Tui, Guillarei, Malvas, Paramos, Pazos de Reis, Pexegueiro, Randufe, Rebordáns, Ribadelouro and Tui.

3638 Tui The Tui area was inhabited since prehistoric times. Its original local name, Tude, was mentioned by Pliny the Elder and by Ptolemy in the first century AD. It became an episcopal see no later than the 6th century, during the Suevic rule. Later, in the Visigothic period, it briefly served as the capital of a Galician subkingdom. After the campaigns of Asturias against the Moors in the 8th century, the town lay abandoned in the largely empty buffer zone between Moors and Christians, being later part of the "Repoblación" (repopulation) effort carried out a century later. In the 10th century, it was raided by Vikings, being abandoned and later re-established in its current location. Tui has been the seat of a bishopric since the 5th/6th century. After an interruption during the Moorish and Normannic times, it became a bishop's seat again in he 11th century. In 1959 the diocese was renamed Tui-Vigo.

Glas no. 3638 is a souvenir from Caldelas de Tui, the easternmost of the parishes of Tui. In 1983, five bronze axes of the 8th or 9th century BC were found in the bed of the Miño. A bronze helmet from the 4th century BC was found in 1976. The oldest document mentioning this place dates from 1301. The thermal spring was discovered in 1650. The well was used to irrigate the land but also as holy water. A flooding of the river later destroyed the well and it took until 1750 that the spring was rediscovered. Since then, the waters were used for medicinal purposes. The first spa hotel was built in 1889. The fame of the spa lasted until the Spanish Cicil War (1936–1939).

Glass no. 3638 [left] shows a view of Hotel Europa frente al Balneario / Proprietario. Ignacio Santoro ('in front of the spa / owner: I. G.').

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