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län: Västra Götaland  



alt: Lidköping vid Vänern
lv: Lidšēpinga lt: Lidšiopingas
sr: Лидчепинг ru: Лидчёпинг bg: Лидшьопинг

1079 Lidköping vid Vänern The town of Lidköping on Lake Vänern, the largest lake of Sweden and the third-largest in Europe (5,585 km², up to 106 m deep), was chartered as a town in 1446. Especially in the 1980s and 1990s the name Lidköping vid Vänern was used in order to avoid confusion with the city of Linköping.

The Nikolaikyrkan (church of St. Nicholas) [left] goes back to a church that had been built in 1446 and was renovated in 1617–1693. The present church was rebuilt in Neo-Gothic style after a fire in 1849.