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województwo: Dolnośląskie voivodship: Lower Silesia
powiat: Wałbrzych county: Wałbrzych



alt: Boża Góra, Boguszów
lv: Bogušova-Gorce de: Gottesberg
sr: Богушов-Горце ru, uk: Богушув-Горце

1682 Boguszów-Gorce Boguszów-Gorce is situated at an elevation of 536–592 m about 7 km west of the county seat Wałbrzych (Waldenburg).

The place began to develop in the 13th century as a mining settlement. In 1499 the place obtained the status of a 'free mining town'. Miners, who came mostly from Saxony, had named the town Gottesberg ('God's mountain'), which is mentioned in a document of 1535. Mining for silver continued, with interruptions, until 1864. Gottesberg was at first renamed Boża Góra when Lower Silesia became part of Poland after World War II. The name was later changed to Boguszów. The municipality of Boguszów-Gorce was created in 1973 out of Boguszów, Gorce (Rothenbach) and Kuźnice Świdnickie (Kuźnica Górska, Fellhammer). 1746 Boguszów-Gorce

The town hall [left, no. 1746: background] on the market square dates from 1731.