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Bundesland: Niedersachsen Lower Saxony
Landkreis: Wolfenbüttel  



ru, sr: Роклум

2667 Roklum Roklum is situated at an elevation of 106 m in the southeast of the district Wolfenbüttel in the east of Germany's state of Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). Roklum is part of the Samtgemeinde (collective municipality) Asse. Roklum has a population of 467 (2011).

Roklum was first mentioned in a document dating from 1159. The village first belonged to the bishopric of Halberstadt. When the prince bishopric was secularized after the Westfalian Peace of 1648, its territories became part of Brandenburg-Prussia. In 1941, Roklum was separated from the district of Wernigerode and was incorporated into the district of Wolfenbüttel. In 1974 Roklum and further 6 municipalities (Denkte, Hedeper, Kissenbrück, Remlingen, Semmenstedt and Wittmar) formed the collective municipality Asse, which took its name from the small chain of hills of the same name (highest elevation: Remlinger Herse, 234 m). The seat of the collective municipality is the village of Remlingen. [http://www.roklum.de; http://www.samtgemeinde-asse.de]