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Královéhradecký kraj Hradec Králové region
Okres: Náchod  


Teplické skály

de: Wekelsdorfer Felsen

3200 Teplické skály The Teplice Rocks are a sandstone formation located about 2 km west of Teplice nad Metují (formerly in German: Wekelsdorf) in the Hradec Králové region. Together with the Adršpach Rocks (Adršpašské skály), located about 5 km to the northwest, they are also refered to as Adršpašsko-teplické skály. The picturesque sandstone rocks cover an area of 17.7 square km. The rocks have been protected as a national nature reserve since 1933, and since 1991 the whole adjacent region of Broumovsko has enjoyed the status of protected landscape area. Tourists may visit the rocks via a number of marked trails. The area is a popular destination for rock climbers. The area is also one of the largest permanent breeding sites of peregrine falcon in Europe, for which they are protected here under Czech federal law. Some areas have been designated off limits to climbers and hikers to make sure the birds aren't disturbed.

The rock formation depicted on glass no. 3200 is labeled in German: Eingang zum Dom, Entrance to the Cathedral.