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Bundesland: Oberösterreich Upper Austria
Bezirk: Gmunden  


Grünau im Almtal

lt: Griunau (Almtalis)
ru: Грюнау (Альмталь)

342 Grünau im Almtal 3384 Grünau im Almtal The bi-seasonal resort Grünau im Almtal is situated at an elevation of 528 m at the mouth of the stream Grünaubach into the river Alm. The earliest documented mentioning of the name Gruona dates from 1160.

The parish church Sankt Jakobus der ältere (St. James the Greater) [centre left] was built in 1695 in Baroque style. The high altar of 1616–1618 was brought into the church from the monastery church of Kremsmünster in 1718.

During the Austria-Prussian War of 1866, the blind King Georg V (1819–1878; King 1851–1866) of Hannover supported Austria against Prussia. When Prussia won the war, Hannover became a Prussian province. Georg had to leave his country and was given asylum in Austria. He bought a large estate in Grünau and Gmunden which is still in possession of his descendants.

Another glass in this collection is from Hofstetten-Grünau, Lower Austria, Austria.