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distrito de Aveiro  



ru, uk: Таменгуш

3528 Tamengos: Curia Tamengos is situated in the south of the district Aveiro in northern Portugal about 5 km southwest of Anadia. As of 2011, the Tamengos had a populution of about 1,600.

Tamengos and its church were first mentioned in 1064. Due to the popularity of its spa, Curia, Tamengos flourished since the end of the 19th century. Aguim was separated from Tmengos in 1991. In 2013, he municipalities of Tamengos, Óis do Bairro and Aguim were merged into the new municipality União das Freguesias de Tamengos, Aguim e Óis do Bairro. Tamengos is the seat of he administration of this new municipality.

The parish church São pedro [left, no. 3528] is assumed to date from the early 11th century or maybe an even earlier date. The church was completely remodeled in 1716–1721 in the simple style that still prevails today in the churches from the region.


The history of the spa began in 1863 when a French engineer of the railroad Linha do Norte (Northern Railroad; Lisbon–Porto) stayed here and cured an injury of his leg at the local mineral spring. The first investigation on the quality of the waters dates from 1897. The first bathing facilities were built in 1900. Further bath houses and hotels were built until the 1930s. The last bathing facility opened in 1993.

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