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Eagle County  


Mount of the Holy Cross

B031 Garden of the Gods / Denver / Mount of the Holy Cross Mount of the Holy Cross [left] (14,005 ft, 4,269 m) lies at the extreme northern end of the Sawatch Mountains, near the headwaters of Eagle River, and is best-known for its characteristic cross formation on its northeast face. The cross is comprised of a 1,500 foot vertical couloir, intersected horizontally by a 750-foot bench, both retaining permanently the deep snow with which they are filled. The mountain was discovered in 1869 and first climbed in 1873. Organized Christian pilgrimages to the mountain began in the 1920's, and by the 1930's these pilgrimages were attracting thousands of participants. Once a National Monument, it lost this status in 1950 when it was judged that the cross formation had lost much of its prominence through rockslides and erosion.

[The other two pictures on tumbler no.B031 show the State Capitol in Denver and the Cathedral Spires in the Garden of the Gods.