Bundesland: Burgenland  
Bezirk: Oberwart  


Bad Tatzmannsdorf

lt: Bad Tacmansdorfas hu: Tarcsa, Tarcsafürdő hr: Tarča
ru: Бад-Тацмансдорф

119 Bad Tatzmannsdorf: Kurhof/Gyógyudvár Bad Tatzmannsdorf is situated at an elevation of 341 m in the district Oberwart in southern Burgenland. The municipality has a population of about 1,300 (2009).

The oldest document mentioning Tarcsa dates from 1378. The earliest mention of the mineral springs is found in the Regensburg chronicle of 1621. A bathhouse was erected in 1650 which marked the beginning of the spa. Count Lajos Batthyány obtained the spa in 1752. Under Count Ferenc Batthyány, Tatzmannsdorf (hungarian: Tarcsafürdő) became the most important spa in the Kingdom of Hungary. The predicate Bad (spa) was awarded in 1926. The alkaline iron-containing waters and mud are used in the treatment of heart, circulatory and rheumatic diseases. 2825 Bad Tatzmannsdorf: Kurhof 1148 Bad Tatzmannsdorf: Kurhof

2602 Bad Tatzmannsdorf


The Kurhof [left and right] was built in 1894/1895.

1199 Bad Tatzmannsdorf 2826 Bad Tatzmannsdorf


Glasses no. 1199 and 2826 [left and right] show a view of the spa's central square, Kurplatz with the pavillon for the Maxquelle and Karlsquelle springs [right]. The building in the background is labeled on glass no. 2826. The labeling can partly be deciphered as "........ Friseur Apotheke Kurcommis[ion]".

2826 Bad Tatzmannsdorf (Detail) 542 Bad Tatzmannsdorf

The mineral waters were obtained from the two springs see glass Maxquelle and Karlsquelle [near left, no. 542]. Moor was used for mud-baths since 1889. In 1964, the Marienquelle, also supplying mineral water, was found by drilling. In 1988 thermal water was found at a depth of about 1,000 m.

769 Bad Tatzmannsdorf (Hotel Batthyány)


The Hotel Batthyány [near left, no. 769: background] was built in 1904/1907. The historical building was replaced by a modern hotel in 2013. The new hotel now operates under the name "Kurhotel 2". [http://www.bad-tatzmannsdorf.at/index.php?id=508, http://www.kurzentrum-badtatzmannsdorf.at/kurhotel-2-hotel-batthyany_27.htm, http://burgenland.orf.at/news/stories/2582798/]

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