Bundesland: Salzburg  
Bezirk: Sankt Johann im Pongau  



alt: Goldegg im Pongau
lt: Goldegas
ru: Гольдег uk: Гольдегг

2932 Goldegg im Pongau Goldegg, frequently also named Goldegg im Pongau, is situated at an elevation of 825 m just north of the river Salzach in the Pongau district of Salzburg. The municipality has a population of about 2,500 (2013).

Archeological finds demonstrate that a Celtic-Roman settlement from the Latène period existed here at least until AD 200. Goldegg castle was founded in the early 14th century. The municipality was founded in 1850. The neighbouring municipality of Weng was incorporated into Goldegg in 1938.

The parish church Sankt Georg [centre] was first mentioned in 1339, the south tower was first mentioned in 1502. Following a fire in 1747 the church was rebuilt in 1770. In 1857 it obtained the rank of a parish church.

Goldegg castle [far right] was founded by the lords of Pongau, a mighty family which in the early 14th century had sided with the German king Ludwig IV ('the Bavarian') in his fights with duke Friedrich I of Austria (Friedrich 'the Fair'). As the archbishop of Salzburg, who had supported Friedrich, had destroyed the lords' castles at Altenhof and Taxenbach, he had to give them the permission to build a new castle after Ludwig's victory in the Battle of Mühldorf. The new castle was founded in Goldegg in 1323 and the lords of Pongau since then called themselves lords of Goldegg. After the death in 1400 of the last male heir of the family, the castle had several owners but was finally purchased by the archbishop of Salzburg in 1455. In the 15th century the castle was remodeled, but began to fall into dereliction in the early 17th century. Since 1859 a private property, the castle was purchased again by the diocese in 1959. Since 1973 it is in possession of the municipality of Goldegg. After a thorough renovation for the Salzburg state exhibition of 1981 it is now home of the Pongau local museum (Pongauer Heimatmuseum).

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