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Prachovské skály

de: Prachauer Felsen

3187 Prachovské skály / Jičín The Prachovské skály (Prachov Rocks) are rock formations approximately 5 km west of Jičín, and are a protected natural reserve since 1933.

The beginnings of the sandstone formations date back to the Mesozoic era when the whole territory was flooded with sea water. Millions of years later, the region was pushed up by the effects of powerful tectonic powers, the sea disappeared and the former seabed split into separate blocks on which today's treasure of the Český Ráj region were formed: the Suché skály, the Prachovské skály, the Hruboskalsko, the Příhrazské skály, etc. By gradual erosion, characteristic and unique rock formations were formed, distinctive with tall rock towers and deep rock gaps.

In the mid-13th century, King Přemysl Otakar I founded a castle on the basalt hill of Velíš and the Prachovské Skály became a part of the Royal demesne of Velíš. Already in 1337, the demesne was obtained by the Vartemberk family and later by various other noble families. In 1625 the demesne of Velíš was included in the property of the Albrecht Eusebius Valdštejn (Wallenstein), Duke of Frýdlant. After his death in 1634, Velíš and the Prachovské skály in 1637 came in possession of the Schlik family who remained the owners until 1948 when the family property was confiscated. In 1993, it was restituted and since 2000 the Schlik family operates the tourist area of the Prachovské skály on its own.

0000 Prachovské skály / Jičín
Glass no. 3380 [near left] also is a souvenir from Jičín. The top picture on this glass is labeled Krkávčí skály v Prachově. The Krkávčí skály (Raven Rocks) are one of the rock formations of the Prachovské skály, which are situated about 9 km to the northwest of Jičín.

04241000 Prachovské skály / Jičín
Glass no. 4241 [near left] again is a souvenir from Jičín. The top picture on this glass is labeled Hlaholsá vyhlídka (Hlahol lookout). This rock formation ist the highest lookout point in the Prachov Rocks. It is locagted in the centre of the area and was named after Hlahol, a Prague choir, whose members visited the rocks in 1887.

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