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Okres: Jičín  



lv: Jičīna lt: Jičinas pl: Jiczyn de: Gitschin, Jitschin
el: Γίτσιν
bg: Ичин uk: Їчин ru: Йичин be: Йичын mk, sr: Јичин

3018 Jičín 1128 Jičín Jičín is situated at an elevation of 276 m in the valley of the river Cidlina and is one of the gateways to one of the most beautiful regions of Bohemia, the Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj). The town was a residence of the Bohemian dowager queens since 1293 and obtained the status of a town in 1302, that of a royal town in 1438. After the Battle at the White Mountain (Bílá Hora, today part of Prague) in 1620, Albrecht of Wallenstein (Valdštejn) chose the town as main residence of his Duchy of Friedland (Frýdlant) in 1623. Wallenstein's magnificent castle at Jičín later became the place where in 1813 the so-called 'Holy Alliance' of Austria, Russia and Prussia against Napoleon was formed.

3145 Jičín The Valdická Gate [left, no. 3145: background left] was built as part of the town's fortifications in 1568–1578 and received its final shape in 1840. The tower is 52 m high; 156 steps lead up to a gallery which offers a magnificent view on the old town.

Valdštejn square (Valdštejnovo námĕstí) [foreground] is the centre of the old town and covers an area of 13,170 m2. It is named for Albrecht of Wallenstein (Albrecht z Valdštejna).

The cathedral of St. James the Greater [left, no. 3145: background right] was built in 1627 in Baroque style.

3719 Jičín The palace [left, no. 3145: far right] was built for Albrecht of Wallenstein in 1624–1634 in place of the older Renaissance palace of 1608 that had been partially destroyed by an explosion in 1620. After a fire in 1768, the palace was reconstructed in Late Baroque style until 1775.

The Fountain of Amphitrite [left, no. 3145: foreground centre] was created by Jan Suchardy in 1836. [https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jičín]

2858 Jičín  

Žižkov square (Žižkovo námĕstí) [left, no. 2858: foreground] is located on the other side of Valdická Gate and is named for the Hussite leader Jan Žižka.

3187 Prachovské skály / Jičín 3380 Prachovské skály / Jičín  

Glass no. 3187 [left] is a souvenir from Prachovské skály [top picture] but also shows a view of Jičín [bottom picture].

Glass no. 3380 [right] also is a souvenir from Jičín. The top picture on this glass is labeled Krkávčí skály v Prachově. The Krkávčí skály (Raven Rocks) are one of the rock formations of the Prachovské skály, which are situated about 9 km to the northwest of Jičín.

4241 Prachovské skály / Jičín Glass no. 4241 [near left] also shows a view of Jičín's central square (Valdštejnovo námestí); the top picture on this glass again shows a view of one of the sandstone rocks of Prachovské skály, namely Hlahoslká vyhlídka ('Hlahol lookout').


Another glass from this collection is a souvenir from Nový Jičín in the Moravian-Silesian Region in the east of the Czech Republic.

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