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Lázně Bělohrad

prev.: Nová Ves
de: Bad Bielohrad, Neudorf
bg: Лазне Белохрад sr: Лазње Бјелохрад

The spa town Lázně Bělohrad is situated at an altitude of 291 m on the river Javorka in the foothills of the Krkonoše mountains in eastern Bohemia, about 15 km east of the district town Jičín. The municipality has a population of about 3,700 (2021).

4063 Lázně Bělohrad Bělohrad originated from the settlement originally called Nová Ves ('new village', in German Neudorf), which was first mentioned in 1267. The castle in the 15 th century was mentioned as castellum francum. After frequent changes in the ownership, a new castle was built in 1556, which, due to its white masonry, was called 'white castle', i.e. Bělohrad. In 1722 the village obtained the status of a market town and was officially renamed Bělohrad. The first bath house on the left bank of the Javorka river was established in 1872. From 1885 onward, also mud baths were administered to the guests of the spa. A large spa house was built in 1891. In the 1905s the name was changed to Lázně Bělohrad, officially recognising the place as a spa town.

The top left picture on glass no. 4063 shows a view of the Anna mud bath (Anenské slatinné lázně), built in 1891 in Swiss style.

The top right picture on glass no. 4063 shows a view of the spa hotel (Lázenský dům), built in Neo-Renaissane style in 1893–1894. It was supposed to represent the city and the spa and also served as the town hall. The interior painting and exterior sgraffito decoration were restored in 1975–1979.

4264 Lázně Bělohrad
The Grand Hotel [near left, no. 4264] was built in 1936 and was later connected with a rehabilitation clinic including doctors' offices and comprehensive spa operations.

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