Bundesland: Freistaat Sachsen Saxony
Landkreis: Vogtlandkreis  


Reichenbach im Vogtland

lv: Reihenbaha Fogtlandė
ru: Райхенбах-им-Фогтланд uk: Райхенбах-ім-Фогтланд mk: Рајхенбах во Фогтланд sr: Рајхенбах им Фогтланд

0000 Reichenbach im Vogtland Reichenbach im Vogtland is situated at an elevation of 380 m in the Vogtland district of southwestern Saxony, about 18 km northeast of the district town, Plauen. The municipality, which also includes the town districts Brunn, Cunsdorf, Friesen, Mylau, Obermylau, Oberreichenbach, Rotschau and Schneidbach, has a total population of about 20,200 (2020).

Reichenbach im Vogtland originated as a settlement of the Franks and thanks its early growth to its convenient position in a valley near Mylau castle. The oldest written mention of Richenbach dates from 1212. It received town privileges around 1240. Much of the Reichenbach history was lost in the town fires of 1720, 1773 and 1833. The rise of industrialisation allowed the town to grow further, again promoted by its accessibility. Sewing and weaving were Reichenbach's main trades, but in the 19th century the metal working industry settled in the city and in the early 20th century, there was a rise of the pulp and paper industry and printing works. After World War II, Reichenbach became part of the German Democratic Republic. The population since then has declined from about 35,000 to about 20,000. Since the German Re-unification in 1991, the economical situation has not much improved and many have moved away, despite efforts to rebuild the local economy. The municipality of Reichenbach has grown since the early 20th century to include the quarters and villages of Brunn (1994), Cunsdorf (1924), Friesen (1994), Mylau (2016), Obermylau (2016), Oberreichenbach (1908), Rotschau (1996), and Schneidenbach (1999).

The picture on glass no. 0000 [left] shows a view of the Stadtpark (municipal park). The plans to create the park were approved in 1888. In the following years, the area was drained and leveled. The park was laid out from 1897 onwards with paths, planted areas, rare trees and shrubs, water areas, benches, an accommodation hall and a large playground. A bandstand was built in 1956.

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