Středočeský kraj Central Bohemia region
Okres: Beroun  



de: Totschnik
bg, ru: Точник uk: Точнік sr: Точњик

4297 Točník Točník is situated at an elevation of 345 m in the Křivoklátsko nature reserve of western central Bohemia, about 17 km southwest of the district town Beroun and about 45 km southwest of Prague. As of 1 January 2021 the municipality has a population of 243.

The history of the place is closely linked to that of its two castles, Žebrák and Točník. Settlement took place from the 2nd half of the 13th  century. After the fire at Žebrák castle, the place was integrated into the newly built castle under the reign of Václav (Wenceslaus) IV. From the 15th century, artificial ponds were created in the area, later handicraft businesses, a mill, a brewery and two brickworks settled. After the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648), agriculture and pond farming, timber and ore mining developed in the village.

Žebrák castle (German: Burg Bettlern) [left, no. 4297: left] was built in the 2nd half of the 13th century but soon was sold to the king. In 1336, the house of Luxembourg acquired Žebrák and in 1346 renovation works began. After a large fire in 1395 a new, more strategically positioned castle was built above it. During the Hussite wars (1419–1434), the Hussite army unsuccessfully besieged the castles Žebrák and Točník and then proceeded to burn down the towns Točník and Hořovice. In 1532, another fire struck the castle, but this time, nobody bothered renovating it. In 1923 the castle was sold to the Czech Association of Tourists and now it belongs to the state.

Točník castle [left, no. 4297: background right] was bilt in the 14th century after a large fire had hit Žebrák castle in 1395. The castle was built on a three-part ground plan. Behind the defensive wall is a massive moat with a bridge, which was originally protected by a gate tower. The most important building, situated in the residential section on the L-shaped ground plan, is the Royal Palace with its side wing. The second floor of the palace was taken up with a ceremonial hall, while other floors were residential. After the Hussite Wars the castle was mortgaged and handed over from one person to another, but it never found an owner that would keep it for a longer time and so it was gradually reduced to ruins. In 1594, the castle came once again to the royal property and was administrated by the Bohemian Royal Chamber. The Thirty Years' War contributed greatly to the castle's deterioration. In the 1923, the castle was sold to the Czech Association of Tourists and now belongs to the state. Since the 1930s gradual restoration works are undertaken.

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